Free and easy cash flow analytics. For free, forever.

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Free and easy cash flow analytics. For free, forever.

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Your Business’ Financial Health Better in 3 Easy Steps.

See how much tax
you owe

Keep track of your cash flow

Provide you with custom insights to identify trends, pain-points, and growth opportunities through financial analytics.

Expenses that do themselves

Improve credit score

Empower your business with invaluable credibility and trust through its accounting-standards based credit score and get the best rates on the market.

You can see the best available funding options

Predict your financial needs and suggest optimal financing options

Access fast and affordable funds to grow your business. Improve your cash flow faster and more efficiently through accessible funds readily available for secure, and straight-forward financing.


Our pricing is simple. For free, forever.

We never sell your data

  • ProsperChain uses the latest in 256-bit encryption to ensure your information stays secure.
  • We never sell your details to anyone.

Checking is risk free

  • Check as often as you like, with no worries.
  • It won’t affect your score.

All from your phone

Your Business’ Financial Health Better in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Step 1: Connect Your Accounting Software
  • Step 2: Get Your Credit Score
  • Step 3: Access Affordable Financing

About us

Chris Li

Chris Li

He previously managed a software development team of 10 people in risk domain at Credit Suisse in London. He also led a 5 people internal machine learning innovation team working on knowledge base solution in the Risk and Finance IT department.

Chryssi Chorafa

Chryssi Chorafa

She has extensive experience in business development (Banking), credit risk analytics (Global Fintech).

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